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Cheap car rental Uganda is your premier, trustworthy and reliable ground car Rental service that operates in Uganda. We offer the best car hire deals you should consider for any need to hire a car in Uganda.

At cheap car rental Uganda, we offer you a great opportunity to discover iconic tourist sites from the Pear of Africa Kwon for adventurous gorilla trekking in the heart of Uganda.

We are situated in Kampala-Uganda’s vibrant, sound, beautiful capital city with quite some good years of experience we believe in the provision of world-class 4×4 car rental services across the East African region. We contrast the best rental brands in Uganda such that you have something to save on your next rental car that is why our car hire rates are just within our client’s budget and preference.

At cheap car rental Uganda, we believe in prompt service provision, and professional service and that is why we have always featured as an outstanding cheap car rental Company in Uganda. All our rental cars are in better mechanical condition, fit to deliver you with your family to your desired safari destination while on your Uganda vacation. Interestingly, some of them come with other features at least or no cost including among others the Global Positioning System (GPS), road maps which are essential for solo travelers on self-drive tours in Uganda; unlimited mileage, air conditioners, comprehensive insurance, quality camping gears thus relieving you from the burden of carrying too much luggage from your home country.

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