Driving Etiquette in Uganda

Driving Etiquette in Uganda: Guide to safe and affordable Car RentalsDiscover the keys to smooth driving in Uganda with our comprehensive guide on driving etiquette in Uganda. A lot of things can happen whenever you are driving, and not knowing what to do in different situations can be stressful. To make your journey smooth and hassle-free, we will provide some guides on how to act whenever a possible road scenario happens to you during your drive in Uganda.

Car Breakdown

The possibility of having a car breakdown could always happen, especially if your car is not well-maintained. If this happens to you while driving on the road of Uganda, be responsible and move your car to the side of the road. If you don’t move your car, this may cause traffic to the incoming vehicles. If you cannot get your vehicle from moving, remember to give warning signals for other drivers to see, like using your hazard warning signs and putting your red warning triangle at least 50 m from your car.

You might try asking for some help from the authorities to fix your car as much as possible. Remember to stay on the safe side of the road to avoid getting hit by the vehicles passing by. If there are no authorities available around, you can dial the emergency hotline 999 or 112.

Police Stops

When you’re hitting the roads of Uganda, expect that police stops can happen anytime. Police do this to make sure that you follow the country’s laws and not violate any of them. They will also be checking your type of driving permit in Uganda to see if you are permitted to drive the vehicle you are using. If you are driving for more than three months, make sure to know how to renew your driving permit in Uganda or go to their website to know how to renew a driving permit in Uganda online to avoid having penalties.

If ever police stop you, keep calm and be respectful. A traffic police officer usually wears a white uniform, and a general police officer wears an olive-green uniform. Ask the officer the reason why you’re being stopped and be honest with your answers. Hand over your international driving permit for him to know your driver’s details. This will help him understand your point of view regarding the questions he will be asking.

If ever you violated some laws, be honest to admit and pay for the consequences of your actions. You must always remember that you need to follow the roads’ rules in Uganda to avoid getting stuck in such situations. After paying the penalties or settling down the reason you’re getting stopped by the police, carefully continue to drive towards your destination.

Asking Directions

Most directions of the places in Uganda are available in GPS or maps, but there might be some places or destinations in Uganda that may still not be available. Thus, asking the locals for some help regarding this would be an easy way to know the direction of the place you’re heading.

Ugandan’s primary language of instruction is English, so talking to the locals in this language will not be a problem. When asking the locals, be respectful as much as possible and be friendly to them. Ugandans are friendly people, and they will surely love to help you out with that.


Checkpoints in Uganda are also common to ensure every motorist is following the laws for everyone’s safety. Expect that they will require you to hand over your driving license in Uganda, so make sure to bring it with you wherever you go. For driving more than three months, make sure to have your driver’s permit in Uganda, or if it has expired already, make sure to renew a driving permit online in Uganda.

You can also go to the Uganda Security Printing Company Offices found along Uganda Railway Station, Plot 57, Nasser Road, Kampala to ask about how to renew your driving permit in Uganda. If you don’t have a license yet, you need to apply for one.

When approaching a checkpoint, slow down your speed and roll down your windows a little to hear what the officers are trying to say. Follow the officer’s instruction if it applies to you and your way. This will be for your own safety. Remember, do not give your personal belongings or documents to unauthorized persons, be mindful at all times and be respectful when speaking to the people in charge.

Other Tips

While driving on the road, some things are unpredictable, like having an accident and emergency. It can be stressful when you have no idea how to handle such situations in a particular foreign country. Here are some guides to help you on what to do during these events:

How to Handle Accidents and Emergencies?

If ever you get involved in an accident, turn your hazard warning signals to notify the other drivers and ask for the locals’ help in warning the other drivers to avoid worsening the accident. Immediately engage our support team on +256 785 613 134 and give your exact location, the number of vehicles involved, and the number of people injured in the accident.

If there are serious bodily injuries, be prepared to provide first aid or ask someone to help you with this. Wait for our emergency team to come and help you with the accident or emergency.

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