Renting a Car in Uganda

Renting a Car in Uganda - Affordable Car Rentals in UgandaRenting a Car in Uganda in enables you enjoy hassle-free journeys. Driving a car around Uganda as a tourist can be a bit overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time in the country. However, due to the freedom that you can obtain with self-driving, it is still one of the best things to consider. And if you have no car in Uganda, worry not! Driving in Uganda is very possible. Simply contact Cheap Car Rental Uganda for a hassle-free trip around Uganda.

Documents Required to Renting a Car in Uganda

In order to rent a car easily in Uganda, you must present your government ID and an international driver’s permit if you are a tourist. If you plan to drive long-term, you must have a local driving license in Uganda, and if you haven’t yet, let us know so we guide you on how to get a driving license in Uganda. If your driving license has expired, renewal of your driving license in Uganda is a must.

Vehicle Types available for renting in Uganda

Road trips in Uganda can be a majestic and challenging experience at the same time. The roads there vary from good to bad as the country is still a developing one. So at Cheap Car Rental Uganda, we can and will provide you with cars like Toyota Land Cruisers that can easily drive around different kinds of roads in Uganda. We can also provide you cars with a rooftop tent for a more hassle-free trip, especially if you are going outside the city and are heading to the national parks.

If ever you’ll just be driving around the city, we can also provide the cars that’ll suit your trip. You can rent air-conditioned family cars or corporate cars that can fit up to 5 people and Coaster buses that can fit up to 28 people. The vehicle type you can rent will always depend on your destination and the number of people you’ll bring with you.

Car Rental Cost

Car rental in Uganda depends on the type of car, the season in the country, the number of days you’ll be renting it, and the included insurance. Note that it is essential to have insurance when driving around Uganda, especially when going outside the city for the roads there can be challenging.

Some cars have their own rooftop tent included in case some people wanted to rest while on their journey. Some prices of the most common rented vehicles are:

  • Toyota Rav 4 – 45 USD to 70 USD per day
  • Family cars and corporate cars – 50 USD to 250 USD per day
  • Landcruiser – 70 USD to 150 USD per day
  • Landcruiser with rooftop tent – 90 USD to 150 USD per day
  • Landcruiser with Two Roof Top Tent – 140 USD per day
  • Toyota Hilux Double Cab – 150 USD per day
  • Van Rentals and Coater Bus – 80 USD to 130 USD per day

In case you wanted to rent a car for long-term use, we also provide such services. You must understand that an international driver’s license will only be valid in Uganda for three months. More than that, you already have to inquire on how to get a driving license in Uganda. If you already have one and it will expire, renewal of a driving permit in Uganda is a must.

Age Requirements

For driving and the required age on how to get a driving license in Uganda, you must be at least 18 years old and above. But, if you are planning to rent a car, you are required to be at least 23 years of age and must obtain a driver’s license valid for about two years.

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